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Affiliate Program
Christopher Publications is excited to announce our new Affiliate Program where you can earn money just by referring your friends, family or website visitors to our website!  The program doesn't cost you a dime - all you do is refer people to this site, they buy books, we ship the books and take care of all the customer service, and we send you a check!

Ready to sign-up now?  Here is the link to sign up:

Christopher Publications Affiliate Program

Here are the details of the program:
The affliate program payout is 25% on Christopher Publications titles only.  You will not be paid a commission on titles published by other authors and sold on our site.  For a full list of titles that you will be paid a commission on click here.
Checks are sent by the 15th of each month for the previous month's sales.  For example, if you refer a friend who buys the Complete Works of Dr. Christopher for $98.95 on January 10, you will be mailed a check for $24.74 by February 15.
The minimum payout is $10, so if you have a balance of less than $10 it just rolls over from month-to-month until you have met the $10 minimum.
People you refer are tracked to your account permanently, so even if someone clicks your link and visits our site today but doesn't purchase anything for a month you will still get credit for the sale (unless the person clears their "cookies" which is what we use to track them to you).
Commissions are only paid on items sold at full retail value (i.e. you will not be paid a commission on books sold to School of Natural Healing students at student prices).
Click here to sign up for the
Christopher Publications Affiliate Program